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Affording Travel

Affording Travel: Making Travel a Priority

You’ve said it more than once, I bet. “If only I could afford to travel to **insert destination of choice**. I know because I’ve said it, too. But if traveling is important to you, then you have to make paying for it important as well.

Add Travel to your monthly budget

When you are doing your weekly , monthly, and annual budget, include travel. Granted, it is not as important as housing, transportation, and food but it is just as important as new shoes, salon appointments, and subscription bills. Better yet, set up a separate savings account for your travel.

Gift Experiences, Not things

My husband and I have agreed to no gift-giving. The few times we’ve broken this rule the gifts are under $50. We prefer to travel and create lifelong memories instead of accumulating a bunch of things we only use for a few weeks. We are currently in the process of eliminating less things as it relates to our kids.

Get a second income source

I understand this is not an option for everyone but maybe it is for you. Maybe a part-time does not work for you but what about selling unneeded things around the house?

Book Early to get the best deals

Not only does booking for trip early make you happier but also it gives you more time to pay and budget. And if you are worried about schedule changes or other unforeseen circumstances, that is what travel insurance for.  There are many vendors of Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance so don’t let that deter you from booking your travel early. Plus, booking early is a way to save money (pun, intended) on your traveling. Win win, right!

 I can’t wait to hear from you when you’re ready to book that big trip. Set up your complimentary Travel Planning Session by clicking here.


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