5 Reasons to Travel with Children

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Lakita Leonard Traveling with children
Dominic's first airplane ride at 18 months old

Listen! You’ve heard it! “They won’t remember it anyway. Just wait until they are a little older.” You’ll never hear that from me or anyone else who actively search for reasons to inspire travel .   Here are 5 reasons you should travel with children of all ages.

Reason #1

Exposure – Exposure matter and especially for the littlest of humans. The more a child is exposed to other smells, sounds, languages, and tastes, the more well-rounded a child is. Think about it…. If your child is only accustomed to a quiet room to sleep, your child will have a very difficult, if not impossible, time failing asleep in a somewhat noisy room. Believe it or not, it’s easier to fly with younger children (under the age of 18 months) than with a 3 year old. So if you get your child used to travel early on, the more likely it will be easier for them to when they become toddlers and older

Reason #2

It’s Cost -Effective-You read that right. Did you know that children can fly for free on domestic flights if they are under the age of 2 years old? As far as international fights, they only have to pay the international taxes and fees. For my 1-year-old to fly from Mexico to the United States it was less than $30 USD. Besides flights, Disney and Orlando (and many other theme parks) grant FREE admission to children under the age of 3. Many all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico also do not charge for children under the age of 4. Some resorts extend the age beyond 4. Also, many young children eat free in restaurants.


Pro-tip: We visited Disney World for my son, Dominic’s 3rdBirthday. Disney allows for free admission if he was under 3 years old when the trip starts. He turned 3 on day 2 of our trip. His birthday dinner at Chef Mickey was free to him (we paid) because it was a buffet. Mickey and gang even sang Happy Birthday to him.


Reason #3

It’s Educational- Children can learn so much from travel. Even Disney World has educational value. Visiting Disney World can inspire your child to become interested in science, think Star Wars or even the how the theme park rides work. Disney’s Epcot “The SpectacuLAB at Innoventions is geared for guests interested in STEM disciplines. Visiting Universal Orlando may help inspire your child to read the thick chapter books of Harry Potter. How about going to Mexico for a history lesson about the Mayan Ruins?

Reason #4

It’s easier- Granted kids a require a lot of extra things like car seats, change of clothes, entertainment, and a flexible schedule. BUT, you don’t have to worry about opposing forces that come with teenagers and tweens. Your young children are happy to be where you take them simply because you are there. You can choose the destination and tailor it to be more child-friendly instead of older children voicing their opinion about where they don’t want to go.  As your children get older, they get jobs, start playing sports, go off to college and eventually start to create an identity separate from the nest. It’s best to travel with them sooner rather than later.

Reason #5 

Memories!I think it’s safe to say that this is self-explanatory. Maybe your kids won’t remember every detail of the trip but isn’t that what pictures and storytelling are for. Plus, memories are great but the in that moment is so much better.

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