Sandals Royal Bahamian Review

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Husband and I decided to take a much needed couples-only trip. It had been a few years since he and I went on one together, alone. I had being doing a lot of research on adult-only romance trips and Sandals stood out as a brand that  promotes all-inclusive luxury and romance but with the price tag, I needed to make sure that if I sent my clients to Sandals resorts it would be worth the price tag.

So is it worth it, you ask?


Our First Impression

It is truly all-inclusive luxury. Unfortunately, we only had the opportunity to stay 3 nights due to work schedules, our son’s birthday, and Christmas. So, we made the best of it! We arrived at the Nassau Airport at 4 pm. Because we opted for Butler Service, the resort provided private transportation in a Rolls Royce. We waited in Sandals airport lounge for no more than 5 minutes. More on Butler Service in a later blog post, stay tuned. After arriving at the resort and making it into our room, we relaxed a little and then got ready for dinner. The food was great but because we decided to eat on the pier at night, it was a little chilly to me. The Mister was just fine and was teasing me for being so cold. The real treat came after dessert. There was a chocolate buffet equipped with everything from chocolate raisins, chocolate pecans, brownies, a chocolate fountain, white chocolate mousse, chocolate strawberries, chocolate martinis, and more. It also featured a live band. After getting chocolate wasted, we called it a night.

The next morning we decided to go to the resorts private island. We took the first boat there at 10am. This was a little less than a 5 minute ride. The front of the island presented us with tropical storm like winds but the backside was calm and peaceful. We found some beach chairs from the plentiful supply, I popped open my kindle, and Brandon took advantage of the faster WiFi on the private island. Once the bar opened at 10:30, a server came by a few time to get drink orders. Service was fast and pleasant. The private island has a restaurant, a bar, a beach, snorkeling, a pool, and a hot tub, over the water hammocks, and hammocks and swings on the beach.


How All Inclusive is it?

All-inclusive resorts are great concepts especially for those that love to eat and/or drink without having to worry about their wallet while on vacation.  Most all-inclusive that I’m familiar with serve call brands or mid shelf alcohol and charge a premium for top-shelf. Not Sandals, they donned top shelf liquor, beers, and Robert Mondavi wines. The beer selection include Heinekens, Stella Artois, Red Stripes, and others. At dinner, we were presented with a premium wine list for an extra fee. Although, not necessary, the per bottle fee were not extravagantly priced. We opted for the included brand. 

Wifi is also included in the price but I was unimpressed and quite disappointed in the quality. It is actually quite slow and is only suitable for web-browsing and emails. We could barely FaceTime our children without constant interruptions in the video. There is premium wi-fi available for about $40 a day. 

Included in our price was 24 hour access to food, drinks, watersports, airport transfers, gratuities.

The Resort

The grounds are immaculate. There are plenty of pool and beach chairs. I must notes that the beach on the main resort is relatively small and compact. We did not spend any time on it because the concept of the private island fancied as more. The pools, on the other hand, were nice. There are 2 large pools with a few smaller pools scattered throughout the property. Both pools have a swim up bar but one is a quiet pool and the other is a party pool. We spent a great deal of time at the party pool. The party pool often had trivia. We played “name that song” and I got a token for the song “Plug Walk” and we participated in a riddle game. Both were fun and entertaining.  


The room was nice and modern. The bathroom was quite spacious with a door that separated the toilet. But it was poorly designed as you could not open the bathroom door without the door hitting the toilet. The shower did not have a door but I’m sure this was purposely done, hint, hint.  We opted for a patio tub and it was nice and deep. Unfortunately, I did not view any other room categories but I hear others complaining about the outdated decor of the introductory level rooms. 

Entertainment and Activities

The entertainment was excellent. While I would not recommend this resort for a couple that is looking for a party-filled experience, this resort did offer a nice balance of romance and adult entertainment. It was tamed entertainment but this is exactly what we wanted- a nice relaxing time with an ounce of partying. 

We attended a Junkanoo performance. What the resort offered was just a small taste of the real thing. It reminded me a lot of the Zulu parade. There was also a fire show and an opportunity for both Brandon and I to both get on stage and dance. I’ve never seen him volunteer to get on stage before. This was a first but it’s evidence of the good time we were having. One night, I even did karaoke.

Non-motorized water sports are included in the price. These activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, snuba, sailing, kayaking. We went sailing with a guide. It was so much fun but the wind picked up while we were out and the rescue boat came to get us. I don’t know if we were really in danger or if it was easier to just come get us but either way, it makes for a great story.

Because our trip was so short, we did not venture off the resort except to go the Baha Mar Casino. We took the free shuttle provided by Baha Mar. It was a large casino resort. It reminded me so much of Vegas with an Aria vibe. I had to do a quick Google search to make sure that the resort wasn’t affiliated with the MGM brand that is so prevalent in Vegas.  We went on a Thursday night around 8:00 pm and it was a small crowd but the cocktail servers were visible and were offering drinks. The wi-fi here was superb. We were able to FaceTime without any interruptions. 


I would love to answer any questions you may have if you are thinking about booking this resort or any of the Sandals/Beaches brand. 


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