Sandals Royal Bahamian Food Review

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Oh! Take us back! 3 days was entirely too short but I will say the food was pretty consistent throughout all the restaurants on the resort. We ate at 9 different restaurants during our 3 night stay. So just from that you know that there were option. There were still  1 restaurants that we did not get a chance to eat from. 


My most favorite restaurant was Gordon’s on the pier. Despite it being windy sitting on the pier for dinner, the food was quite delicious. I had Bahamian Fish Chowder, Thai Red Seafood Curry, and Lime Parfait. The Mister also enjoyed his selection, which was Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Surf and Turf with beef tenderloin, and Red Berry Cheesecake. Sadly, in don’t have a picture of our favorite meal because our phones were on the charger in the room.  It was even more of a treat to leave the restaurant and go to Chocolate Buffet near the pool which also featured a live band. See a little selection of the Chocolate Buffet below including the chocolate martini. 

Least Favorite

My least favorite restaurant had to be the Italian restaurant. I had the lasagna which I think is pretty hard to mess up but it was a little too salty for my liking and sort of reminded me of Olive Garden. It’s decent there but not my go to for Italian cuisine.

24-Hours Dining and Late Night Service

Food was available 24 hours but we didn’t use room service because we had Butler service. You can read more on that next blog entry. We did one night get wings (with Louisiana hot sauce (yah!) and a burger around midnight one night at the pub that’s open to 2 am with a limited, yet delicious menu. Usually pub food is mostly frozen, highly processed food but the burger was fresh and so were the wings. I was very impressed.


The only time we opted for buffet was for breakfast 2 of the 3 mornings. It was a nice enough for a buffet. There was never a long line for the omelets. They even served maple syrup. The grits were decent compared to the atrocity I experienced in Florida. The breakfast selection was vast. For breakfast our last morning, we asked our butler to bring us breakfast from the cooked to order restaurant. So glad we did. We may have over ordered and overate but I helped us with our unexpected delay at Nassau International Airport.


Let me just say, the drinks were potent, top shelf, and delicious. We even found a bartender to make a drink that locals drink. It was gin and coconut milk. They call it Sky Juice. It was so tasty and reminded me of Malibu coconut rum.

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