The Value of All-Inclusive Resorts

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Mayan Ruins in Tulum (near Cancun)


I book a lot of cruises and all-inclusives Caribbean vacations. While cruises are not all inclusives because alcoholic beverages and soda aren’t included- food is included. It’s undisputed that cruises are a great value but many clients ask about the value of all-inclusives.



Are All-Inclusive Worth It?

I think so. The value of all-inclusives is in more than the oft-asked question “will I drink enough to get my money’s worth?” Don’t forget food is expensive. When I vacation at all-inclusives, I eat at a sit-down restaurant almost every night. I order meals that would easily be $50+ at an off-site restaurant. This does not include the pre and post dinner drinks I consume.


Leave the Wallet at home (or in the safe)

There is value in not having to budget for food and drinks during your vacation. While cruising, I often assign myself a per day maximum for drinks. I don’t purchase the beverage packages from the cruise line because I find the value in them- but that’s a topic for another post.  While at all-inclusive, we are able to order a drink whenever we feel like it. There is no drink budget to think about, which makes for an even greater time.


Included in the all-inclusives are non-motorized water sports. Kayaks, snorkeling, water paddle boards, and windsurfing all fall under this category. Shows, Live music, and day games are also included at the majority of all-inclusive resorts.


My Biggest Con with All-Inclusives

Let me preface this by saying that this may not be an issue for everyone. But, I find that all-inclusives have so much to do that they keep their guests on the property and never many venture off. While I do enjoy a good all-inclusive stated above, I also visit other countries to learn more its people and culture. I want to authentic meat pies in Jamaica, street tacos in Mexico, and Sky Juice in the Bahamas.




There are the caves in the Bahamas, Dunn’s River Falls in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, Mayan Ruins near Cancun. So next time you visit that breathtaking, all-inclusive resorts make sure you venture off and enjoy the country you are visiting. When you do, though, remember to use common sense and be safe.




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