I am an Overpacker

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I’ve done my share of traveling. I’ve traveled by ship, air, car, and train. One of the most cringe-worthy parts of all modes of traveling is packing. PACKING. I was notorious overpacked and last minute packer. I think my procrastination caused me to severe overpacked. I would always wait until the last minute to pack and therefore just throw everything and anything into the pile. Because, I might just need those stiletto heels for a 4 day family trip. 

Last year, I took a short getaway to Hawaii. I was appalled and  shall, I say, slightly embarrassed as to how much luggage I had to go to the tropical islands. I vowed then that I would make a conscious effort to not overpack. In Hawaii, I did not wear a decent percentage of the clothing I packed. 

Since Hawaii, I’ve done well. Not where I want to be but I’m making process. In my quest to overpack, I inevitably always forget something. I then tell myself I should’ve packed more. Truth is- I’ve forgotten many things when I overpacked without remorse. 

I’ve purchased packing cubes and those things are AWESOME.

I’ve started to pack days before, then reconsider and pack again. This has helped a lot. 

Less is truly more. 

Last week, I brought a carry-on luggage for a 4 night work conference. I was so proud of myself. Next month, I’m going on a 6 night work trip. I wonder if I can do it again. Challenge accepted. 




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