Give me the planning, You keep the Fun!

I’ve traveled as a family, couple, small group, and even solo. I understand that different trips serve different purposes. You may want a fun and magical family trip or an romantic, adults-only all inclusive getaway. That is why you need the individualized and tailored service I provide.  

I provide concierge-style itineraries that covers every last detail of your trip including packing lists delivered right to your inbox. The only thing left is to have fun. 


I first started planning trips for my family when I was 15 years old. I was responsible for researching activities and providing summaries to my family. I would share with them what I learned. Then, we would all vote.

Eventually, my travel planning skills and love to travel led me to offering my friends advice on where to go for their needs and what to do.  I would be the g0-to person for all group trips for family and friends.

After having a family of my own, I understand the struggles of balancing family vacations with couple and friend getaways.

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